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Monday 7 January 2013

VIEWED: This is 40

My trailer review for This is 40 stated:

"The only thing I thought of when I watched the trailer was: cry me a f**king river you assholes.  You  are two selfish people who are trying to make a relationship work in an upper middle class household where you don't have to worry about poverty, hunger, abuse, addiction, mental health etc...  Oh wait.  Maybe this is supposed to be a film for normal people."

The wife dragged me to see this on the weekend.

There were some funny and cute moments (mostly because of the kids), but the movie was about 30 minutes too long.  It actually seemed much longer and I couldn't help but mutter at some point, "longest movie ever."

While the film had very true-to-relationship conflict, I maintain my above rant.  The couple in the film were having financial troubles. He drove an $80K BMW.  She drove a Lexus SUV.  They had a large house in L.A.  He supports his deadbeat father and we learn that over a three year period has given him $80K. We learn that he quit his major record label job to start his own label.  They have every toy and gadget imaginable and, oh, isn't there a debt crisis in America?  Yes this is partially the point, but...

This is 40 is about real life relationship problems with a backdrop of waste and excess. Is this movie a statement on relationships or how Americans are drowning in personal debt?

In the movies however, something happens to save the day.  In real life, people lose their homes.

In This is 40, the relationship and family issues were realistic.  Unfortunately, nothing else about the movie was.

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