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Monday 28 January 2013

Mary Crows

Mary Crows is an independent horror film.  Thanks for sending the link.

In my humble opinion, the two most creepy horror movie themes have to do with children and demonic possession.  Combine the two and you have top notch horror.  Need proof?  What was, arguably, one of the greatest horror movies ever?  The Exorcist. 

The Exorcist still creeps me out. I sometimes watch it around Halloween.  Great suspense makes great horror.

Just a thought: If one is possessed by a demon and then the demon is exorcised, but then the demon comes back to possess the same person, is that called demonic re-possession?

When my daughter was an infant, I used to have this weird dream that she would get out of her crib and stand in the middle of the room.  I would enter her room and she'd be standing there in her diaper and then begin speaking to me in full coherent sentences. Creepy. 

My son, on the other hand, would get out of his crib, crawl into bed with the wife and me and proceed to kick my kidneys for a few minutes.  Then he would get out of our bed and climb back into his crib.  That was creepy, too, only a different kind of creepy.

There was much happening in the trailer for Mary Crows. What struck me about it was the intensity with which the information is presented in the trailer.  It was fast paced, cut to many images, jumped from past to present day and, finally a proposed exorcism.

Mary Crows is "based on a true story."  It is about a young girl who seems to be possessed by the spirit of another young girl who was involved in, or the victim of a brutal or bizarre ritual that has become legend.  When the ritual takes shape in modern times (though it's hard to tell with the English village and countryside just how modern), a murder investigation begins a collision course with the demonic possession of a little girl.

Some stories of this type depict the possession by an evil spirit or demon without a background story on the demon. What I liked about the trailer for Mary Crows was that there is a history to the demon possessing the child. In a strange way understanding the history of the possession suggests that there is hope to exorcising the demon because there is an understanding of its motivations.  Hope is good.

I am always impressed by the calibre and high quality of many of the independent trailers I view.  The trailer for Mary Crows didn't disappoint.

See for yourself:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaaMNnEuoXA

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