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Friday 25 January 2013


Lincoln is the seventh of nine films nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. As the films are listed alphabetically on the Oscar website, reviews will be in alphabetical order.

I loved the idea of the righteous dude who ended slavery, killing vampires.  I didn't see him hunt zombies, but I'll bet he was righteous about that, too.  The box office race between vampires and zombies is a tight one, and for the record I love both.  That said, I will never watch, nor review Breaking Wind Also or whatever the new Twilight movie is called.  Sorry, I'm well past my teens.

I mentioned this before but the accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln are well documented... not to mention the nickname "honest Abe." The dude is righteous.  Among many great deeds and accomplishments, he played an important role in American history during the Civil war. His heroic efforts helped preserve the Union.

Man, could America use a Lincoln right now.  But....  look at the turmoil of a country divided that Abe had to deal with.  The funny thing is that the state of chaos the Union was in is not unlike the great divide between Democrats and Republicans today.  At the core, Americans, regardless of politics, live and die by the constitution.  At the core, everyone wants to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Even a common enemy such as Al Qaeda and the war on terror couldn't unite a  country.  I always thought that if you gave a society a common enemy it would unite them.  America needs a Lincoln, right now.

Regardless of who won the Presidential election, the challenges facing the President and Americans are no less daunting than the challenges Abe had.

Wow, the trailer for Lincoln made me angry and sad, and I felt both hopelessness and optimism.  It showed struggles and pain and Abe having to do the right things in the face of chaos.  A quote just jumped into my head...

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."  Albert Einstein.

The trailer for Lincoln had so much going for it.  You know Spielberg is a master.  Daniel Day Lewis and the rest of the cast are great.  And, Abe's story and the impact he had on America and the world are inspiring.  Maybe the release of this film is timely, historically speaking.

Maybe I'm being a sentimental sap right now, even though the wife says I have no feelings, but I was moved by this trailer and am eager to see this film on the big screen.

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