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Thursday 13 October 2011

The Warrior's Way

Trailer made me think that the title should have been: Cowboys and Illegal Aliens.

The western theme, mixed with Aliens, Asians and/or Assassins (sorry, but I like the alliteration), seems to be popping up lately.  The Favreau film, of course, which I intend to see.  I tried to like Bunraku, but couldn't sit through it.  Does it seem like every few years we see a few western themed movies? 

Wild Wild West is memorable because, according to Kevin Smith, Jon Peters couldn't put his giant spider in the new Superman movie so he made Wild Wild West. 

It appears that we have another apparent unconventional western.  Truth be told, it kind of had the spirit of the old David Carradine series, Kung Fu.   You know, the mysterious stranger shows up in the west, running from his past, looking for peace and finding only trouble.

So, the warrior in The Warrior's Way shows up in this town of misfits, meets a girl, befriends a washed up gunfighter (gee, there's a new one...), brings the wrath of an (illegal) alien force (flying ninjas) down upon the town and the town must unite in order to defeat the alien (flying ninja - in the trailer they literally fly) attack...

Hmmm.... maybe this IS Cowboys and Illegal Aliens?

I do like action movies.  I like westerns.  I know that the obviousness will be blatant, but I'm sure the fighting scenes will be cool. 

I think it'll either view this at the Rainbow or (because Blockbuster finally closed in my neighbourhood) I'll wait until it's available on that movie site that costs $8.00 a month.

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