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Tuesday 25 October 2011


Does epic still mean epic?  As in grandiose, great size or extent, heroic, majestic?  Or will it lose all meaning as it becomes part of slang?

The trailer makes this look like one of those epic period pieces, but holy crap, what are they saying?

I like the plays of William Shakespeare. I've read many of them and the name Shakespeare is synonymous with tragedy - not to mention his work is the cornerstone of great literature.  We even use the term "Shakespearean" as a literary device.

Though I've heard, over the years and during my studies that there has always been debate over whom really wrote his plays, it kind of sucks that it's now truly public. It's a can of worms that, in my opinion, should be reserved for the halls of academia.

According to the synopsis, the events in this film are of one opinion, but why create this level of doubt in something that is an integral part of English studies beginning in junior high school?  Why give youth more reason to doubt adults and ask the question: if this guy is a fake, why do we hafta read this confusing crap? South Park showed us that, though nothing is sacred, humour and satire can illustrate some of the flaws in what we hold sacred.  You know, like Barbara Streisand.  No humour or satire in Anonymous.

Speaking of sacred, I've also heard that Bob Dylan stole most of his songs from others.  Did Einstein really create the Theory of Relativity or was he just a Beautiful Mind?  Stephen King couldn’t have written all those novels, it must have been Richard Bachman.  Not to mention Milli Vanilli didn't really sing their songs...  See where this is going?

That said, regardless of this film's importance or relevance or whether it's even a good film or not, I think that publicly implying that Shakespeare was a fake is, how do the kids say it? An epic fail. Or, maybe my perception of the trailer is really the epic fail.  Hmm... maybe I will see Anonymous.


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