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Wednesday 5 October 2011

Real Steel

Are you kidding me?  Hugh Jackman, who I like as an actor, is in a live action version of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots - the toy that kids enjoyed for about 20 minutes several generations ago?  This is surely some kind of joke. Is it produced by Mattel or Toys R Us?  I'm sure Real Steel merchandise will hit the shelves shortly after opening weekend, if it hasn't already.  Wasn't there some reality show where amateur inventors built little remote control robots to fight each other?  I noticed that the viewer reviews where high (8.3 out of 10) but come on?

I'm a guy.  I do guy stuff.  I leave my socks right beside the laundry hamper without thinking how much it irritates my wife.  I love car chases and watching things blow up. I was saddened when Hunter S. Thompson died while doing his favourite thing, blowing shit up.  His death made me re-evaluate some of the things I do for amusement in my own back yard.

So the premise, according to the trailer is that boxing has evolved from human combat to machine combat. Jackman, a washed up fighter now builds machines and has one last chance for redemption by building a machine that can beat up another machine.  Is it just me or does this sound completely idiotic?

I am really bothered by the fact that I want to see this movie just to find out if it is really as ridiculous and pointless as the trailer appears. And of course, so I can review it again.

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