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Sunday 9 October 2011

First response to my Real Steel trailer review....

I received this email late last night and love it...

Subject Line: Re: the horrible bloodbath offering, "Real Steel"

To the Cruel & thoughtless heads of Touchstone Pictures:

As the President & first & only member of PETCGR(People for the Ethical Treatment of CG Robots) I was appalled by your latest Robot Snuff film, "Real Steel".

Was three Transformers not enough? When will the Torque Madas of Hollywood stop allowing CG Robots to be tortured & battered for their own sick amusement? What if the combatantant in the CG ring were your own CG son or daughter?

For shame, Touchstone Pictures for allowing such blatant CG cruelty to be exploited to line your coffers.


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