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Wednesday 12 October 2011

The Big Year

Guy bonding movies are usually fun, unless they involve Very Bad Things (sorry Jon Favreau).

Steve Martin is awesome every which way.  Whether serious or insanely comedic, he gives every performance "every man" compassion. 

Speaking of "every man," Jack Black is the epitome of said type.  His humour is a bit edgy because his characters often poke fun at the lazy-ass slacker in all of us. 

I've said this before, but I am sooooooo tired of Owen Wilson.  He's such a whiny little bitch on screen - with all due respect to his personal struggles.  Even when the characters he plays aren't whiny bitches, he seems to portray them as whiny bitches.  He looks a little more edgy in this one, so maybe there's hope.

If I could take a year off to do anything I want, I would get my hands on the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle (the Winnebago from the Bill Murray classic, Stripes) and drive through the most volatile, war-torn places on earth to first, see what I trust TV news doesn't show us and, secondly, to try to make sense of it. 

It seems like, as we in western society continue to reap the benefits of evolving technologies, we become more disconnected from a deteriorating third world.  Or maybe we just feel helpless... Besides, I'd be safe in the EM-50.  I digress.

I'll see this film because of Steve Martin and Jack Black and not because I like birds.

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