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Thursday 6 October 2011


Many words of praise periodically (within the 2 minute trailer) fill the screen during the trailer. Praise from Film.com and Rolling Stone. MSN said it was a weird mix of John Hughes and Mad Max and I think I read something about a stylish critique of the idiocy and confusion in young manhood...since Fight Club.

Umm.. the words idiocy and confusion in relation to Fight Club? Though Fight Club was a "stylish critique" it very clearly defined our flaws. "We are a generation of men raised by women..." "our fathers didn't give a shit..." "God doesn't care about you..." Fight Club became a way to FEEL something beyond the banality of our existence. I wouldn't call Project Mayhem idiotic or confused. On the contrary, it had a clear mandate: eliminate debt so that all are equal again. It was a statement about taking control of the shit lives, and debt, that were handed to us by our parents. At least I think that's what Chuck Palahniuk was telling us...

Oh yeah, I'm not reviewing MSN's idiocy and confusion here.

Bellflower has a gritty look to it and I get the sense that it's one of those movies that catches the viewer off guard. The title evokes a sense of calm that, from the trailer, seems non-existent. You just know that it will be shockingly violent, yet feel quite real.

A Bellflower is an invasive weed.

So, young men playing Mad Max with their cars, building weapons awaiting the apocalypse. Sounds like a Sunday afternoon in any North American suburb. One of the young men gets a girlfriend and everything goes to shit. Common theme given the idiocy and confusion of young men...

It's a first film by cinematographer turned director, Evan Glodell, so I'll reserve further judgment until I see it.

Yeah, I'm kind of curious.

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