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Friday 7 October 2011

Father of Invention

Kevin Spacey.  He's a very talented actor who has played some very interesting roles.  Through roles such as, Williamson, the douchebag office manager in Glengarry Glen Ross, to the killer in Seven, the love interest in Pay it Forward, to the lead in American Beauty and his unforgettable performance in The Usual Suspects, he became an A-lister by showing his talent and versatility.  But something happened.  In many of his roles there seems to be a level of arrogance in his acting, regardless of the character he's playing.  Maybe it's just my own observation.  I used to like him.  Now, when I see he's in a movie, I'm usually indifferent.  Horrible Bosses? (Please see my review and my VIEWED comments).

Thus, while looking at the movie poster for Father of Invention just before clicking on the trailer, I thought this was going to be more of the same.  Well, it looks like I was wrong again - sort of.

The Kevin Spacey at the beginning of the film - the infomercial character is exactly what I'm talking about.  However, his fall from grace and struggle to reach the top again, hopefully will show the talent and versatility that we know he's capable of. 

The Jerk, with Steve Martin popped into my mind when I saw the first part of the trailer.  Steve's character invents a handle of sorts to prevent eye-glasses from falling off Bill Macy's face.  His invention makes him millions, but when people start going cross-eyed, he loses everything.  That's where the similarity ends... I think.

Riches to rags to riches stories can be entertaining.  There were some funny moments in the trailer. Spacey, in a few scenes, actually looked humble.  

I'd like to see Spacey play humble.  But likely not first run.  Maybe at the Rainbow.

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