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Saturday 14 April 2012

VIEWED (finally): The Hunger Games

My recommendation for this one was:

"Holy, this movie is poised to break some box office records. It's based on a very successful trilogy, for young adults, written by Suzanne Collins. The hype is incredible.... To be honest, it looks very entertaining.... I liked what I saw in the trailer. It was very well done. I'll likely see this one, soon."

We tried to see The Hunger Games a few weeks ago but it was sold out. Imagine, a movie that is playing pretty much every hour on the hour at tens of thousands of movie theatres across the world would still be sold out.  We ended up going to Toys R Us. They still have Hot Wheels, and they were on sale!

Tonight we finally saw it.  In my trailer review I drew comparisons to novels, short stories and films.  While watching it, it did confirm the impressions I had,  and it also made me think of Lord of the Flies.  I guess because they were all young, divided into sort of clans and hunted the most noble of the group.

The wife commented that it was difficult to see a movie with so much hype behind it.  Sometimes your expectations let you down, sometimes you go in blindly because you've completely bought in to the hype. 

So, what's the verdict? We both became dizzy by some of the cinematograpy, at times it was slow moving and it's always difficult watching children die.  That said, The Hunger Games was well acted and well cast. Jennifer Lawrence was very compelling, as were all the young competitors. The supporting cast were outstanding. Stanley Tucci is alway great. Woody Harrelson always makes me laugh. Elizabeth Banks was priceless and we were surprised to see Lenny Kravitz. And of course, Donald Sutherland is larger than life... talk about screen presence.

While there was nothing new, nor original about the Hunger Games, I must say it was entertaining and strangley familiar... in a good way.

Glad we finally saw it.

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