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Thursday 19 April 2012

The Three Stooges

I watched this trailer three times, each time looking for a trigger.  Reviewing a trailer, as stupid as it may seem, is about finding something in the trailer that sparks interest, touches an emotion, spawns a tangent (my favourite trigger), stirs the familiar, maybe relates to personal experience, or simply entertains.  Isn't that why we see a film?

Trailers that end up in the trailer park are often trailers that I've stared blankly at and felt nothing.  I hate to say this, but this trailer did nothing for me.  So why isn't it in the trailer park?  Well, sometimes it's not the trailer, it's me.  Heh, "it's not the trailer, it's me..."  Hmmm, maybe there could be a Beerbohm Award for that... I digress.

When I was a little kid, there were reruns of The Three Stooges on TV.  I once tried to hit my little brother on the head with a hammer because I saw it on an episode of The Three Stooges.  He was saved by my mom.  After that, we weren't allowed to watch The Three Stooges any more.  You still occasionally see people quoting the Stooges (not Iggy, though I've quoted him, too) or acting out Stooges slapstick, and I have said, in response to something stupid or clumsy, "Hey, Mo!"

Is this movie going to be funny in that old school slapstick sort of way, or will it just seem stupid? Speaking of stupid, maybe the makers of Jackass can pay homage to this in their next movie and hit each other in the heads with hammers... or will stupid kids (like me) try to hit each other in the heads with hammers?

I may be stupid and have been called a jackass, but I'm not Jackass stupid.

The synopsis for The Three Stooges reads:
Out to save their childhood home, only The Three Stooges could become embroiled in an oddball murder plot...while also stumbling into starring in a phenomenally successful TV reality show.

So, these modern day Stooges become embroiled in misadventures, like the old Stooges, but get their own reality show... like all the stooges that have reality shows today. 

Maybe this is the Farrelly reality TV parody...  I like that.

This is a Farrelly Brothers movie.  I just watched Hall Pass with the wife.  It was shit.  We own There's Something About Mary.  Shallow Hal was okay.  

Maybe this is just Dumb and Dumber 3?  Don't care much for that.

I rarely review a trailer that has so much going on and yet leaves me so empty.  There must be a reason for it...  You know what? I need to see this movie just to see if it's the trailer that sucks or just me...

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