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Wednesday 11 April 2012

VIEWED: 21 Jump Street

My recommendation for this one was:

"While I didn't find the trailer for 21 Jump Street interesting or amusing, I kind of think that the actual film will be at least mildly entertaining. I hope Depp's cameo is worth the cost of admission."

The first 20 or so minutes of this film were basically elements of the trailer - and pretty much edited the same way.  While this was a distraction at first, I was also struck by the fact that this film, from the onset, is poking fun at itself, the teen genre and even the hypocrisy that is sometimes found in political correctness.  I laughed out loud (that's LOL for the kids) many times.  

Channing Tatum plays dumb very well... almost too well.  Jonah Hill is very good as a whiny sidekick.  These two had decent chemistry.  You were right again, Dan the Man.

Funny movie.  Glad I saw it.  Yes, and Depp's cameo was worth the cost of admission.

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