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Tuesday 17 April 2012

The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods is too obvious a title for this movie to be just another horror/slasher film about a bunch of people on vacation in a cabin in the woods.  A few things crossed my mind before seeing the trailer: Is this a joke? Is this a remake? Is this cabin by the lake and will Judd Nelson be the killer?

Whatever happened to Judd Nelson?  The Breakfast Club was a good movie.

Josh Whedon is the writer on this and, among his other works are the Firefly series and Serenity.  Loved them both.  This is a good sign.

The other writer, Drew Goddard, has worked with Whedon on several TV series and wrote, Cloverfield, which I also liked.  Another good sign.

For some reason the first part of the trailer made me draw comparisons to The Evil Dead movies - which were both creepy and hilarious.  The second part of the trailer made me think of a high tech version of Saw, only the people/victims in The Cabin in the Woods seem to be in the mess together.

So, why are these apparently normal young people being "punished/tortured" in a high tech prison disguised as a cabin in the woods?  Wrong place wrong time?  Government experiment?  Aliens, Scully, aliens? Seriously, that electronic web around the cabin was... well... not serious... it couldn't be.  Remember that whole suspension of disbelief thing?  Apply here.

It would likely cost millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars to build such an elaborate torture cabin.  Who would build such a thing? It's either government or aliens because, frankly, supernatural forces just don't have the technology or financial resources to build that type of cabin in the woods.

I'm really curious to see this one because there must be more here than meets the... um...trailer.


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  1. Good review. This is a hell of a fun movie that features twists that got better and better as the film went on. It’s crazy that horror films can be this fun and entertaining just by smart and witty writing. However, it won’t last for too long so we might as well enjoy it while Whedon and Goodard are around.