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Wednesday 18 April 2012

VIEWED: Contraband

My recommendation for this one was:

"What's with movies that glorify criminal activity? Maybe it's just the notion that the average man, when pushed to the brink, can emerge as an action hero and save the world. I guess it helps when the average man is an ex-criminal and is a lethal fighter.

If there was a video store in my neighbourhood, I may have rented this one. If I come across it on-line, I might watch it."

The wife and I tried to see this one sometime in March.  It was sold out and we ended up seeing War Horse (please see VIEWED: War Horse).

Was it worth the wait?  Not in the least.  Firstly, every character in this film was either a criminal, an accessory to a crime, or an asshole.  And, while it was well acted for what it was, this film wasted acting talent on an unoriginal, mediocre story.  Ribisi, Wahlberg, Beckinsale, Foster! Give your heads a shake.  You guys are better than this.

This movie was so dull and predictable that, even the one or two unexpected moments were met with yawns and eyes rolling.

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