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Thursday 26 April 2012


This is billed a "true story" and a "dark comedy."

So, while I'm watching the trailer I'm thinking "Throw Momma from the Train" and that some scenes are documentary style.  You know, when people sit around and say, "he was such a nice man." Or, "he was really quiet and kept to himself."  (though that's not Bernie...) Or, "I can't believe he would do something like that..."

You can see the similarities between Anne Ramsey's character from Throw Momma... and Shirley MacLaine's character in Bernie; nasty old joyless b*tches.

Jack Black is funny.  No doubt.  Jack Black is usually the same funny in his movies.  Gotta go with what works for you but, like a fad, it eventually passes.  I'm glad to see Jack Black in an "acting" role.  My favourite Jack Black movie is High Fidelity.  As entertaining and insightful as the film (and the awesome book by Nick Hornby) are, in a relatively minor (to the plot) supporting role, Jack Black steals almost every scene he's in.  Despite his many other duds, I like him.

What can you say about Shirley MacLaine that she hasn't already said in/on a spiritual, new agey book, or cruise - well, not so much lately.  She's getting old but it's always great to see her on screen. 

My favourite movie she was in is "Being There", it's based on a very short, very brilliant Jerzy Kozinski novel and starred Peter Sellers.  Rent it or download it, if you can.  I watched it recently and it is just as relevant today as it was when it was made 30 years ago.  I also read Kozinski's "The Painted Bird" in a Holocaust Literature course I took.  Great writer.  I think both the aforementioned books can be read more quickly than watching a two hour movie, if one were so inclined. It's because they are each less than 100 pages.

Bernie (Black) is the story of a mortician in a small Texas town who everybody loves.  Everybody except MacLaine's character.  Bernie tries hard to befriend her, does and, according to the synopsis, kills her and pretends she's alive.  So, could this "true story," be called, "weekend at Bernie's?"

Not sure if I'll see this one....

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