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Saturday 5 May 2012

VIEWED: Haywire

My recommendation for this one was:

"All that said, Haywire could easily be Colombiana (which the wife said was "shit") or La Femme Nakita or even the female Bourne Identity. But you know what? Whether this movie will be as predictable as the trailer looks or not, the hot girl kicking ass is still fun to watch."

I didn't see Colombiana and as fun is it is to watch a hot girl kicking ass, Gina Cerano's looks and fighting ability were completely overshadowed by her cardboard performance in a dull story.  What a sad waste of a brilliant supporting cast.  So, when Haywire ended the wife asked, "what did you think?"   I responded in the same tone as she did in her review of Colombiana...

"it was shit."

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