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Wednesday 2 May 2012

The Five-Year Engagement

These kind of romantic comedies usually annoy me.  I guess because everyone has a romantic comedy in them, which obviously confirms the appeal of these types of films.  Ask any couple, and they will tell you sweet, funny, touching and often interesting stories of how they met and their courtship.  Hence, the endless supply of scripts, I guess.  It is these courtship stories that, more often than not, make it to the big screen as "romantic comedies."

After the courtship, real life begins.  Real life may not be as interesting as the courtship, but it can be the best part of the romance.  The part where acceptance, compassion and unconditional love take the romance to a higher level.  But, while the real life is a theme, and can be funny, sweet and interesting on film, the finish line of a romantic comedy is different.  Kind of like sprint vs. marathon.

It's much lighter (and easier) to watch a romantic comedy where we know the couple, regardless of the length of engagement, is likely going to overcome whatever obstacles presented before them and, just when we think they'll break up, they come together and make the life-long commitment.  Doesn't the label "comedy" imply a happy ending? Everyone walks away happy with one hand holding your lover's hand and the other picking popcorn out of your teeth.

The wife loves these types of movies.  When I'm in the doghouse, I watch these types of movies with her.  Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised.  Sometimes I am bored.  Sometimes I keep my mouth shut and smile to avoid conflict.

I haven't seen Jason Segal in anything other than Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Guess who took me to see those?  He was hilarious in Knocked Up and showed his ass.  He was kind of funny and a bit annoying in an Owen Wilson pouty sort of way in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and he showed his penis.  I'll have to see him in a few other films before I can comment further.

The trailer for The Five-Year Engagement made me think of one thing:  It took longer to watch the movie, Titanic, than it took the actual Titanic to sink.

I'm not sure I can sit through even 2 hours of a five year engagement.  Not unless the wife has anything to say about it, of course.

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