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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Men in Black 3

Many years ago I went to see The Stranglers in concert.  I was with my friend, John, who was a bass player and a big fan of JJ Burnell, The Stranglers bass player.  JJ was also a martial artist and kicked alot while he played bass.  We were close to the stage and during a song, JJ accidentally kicked John in the head... then gave him a beer as an apology.

The Stranglers started as an angry punk-ish band with Doors style keyboards.  Later they became more experimental.  One of their experimental albums was called, The Gospel According to the Men in Black.  The theme of the album was that humans were being farmed and harvested by an alien race called The Men in Black for food. 

I would compare The Gospel According to the Men in Black to The Gospel according to Spinal Tap... the fictional review stated, "on which day did God create Spinal Tap and why couldn't he have rested on that day?"

Is there a movie goer out there that doesn't like Will Smith?  Is there a movie goer out there that doesn't like Tommy Lee Jones?  Is there a movie goer out there that doesn't think Josh Brolin is a very versatile and talented actor?  Let me know.

I really like the MIB franchise.  The elements of action, humour, surprise and some clever story lines always seem to deliver.  As a trailer, MIB3 has all the fun, familiarity and twists to indicate that it'll be just as entertaining as the others, and Josh Brolin as a young K looks hilariously dead pan.

I will see this one on a big screen.

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