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Wednesday 23 May 2012

VIEWED: The Avengers

My recommendation for this one was...

"No point in me really reviewing the trailer. We know the drill, good guys vs. bad guys to save (or at least avenge) the earth. This movie looks and feels like a winner and I'm too um... excited about it.
I can't wait to see it on the big screen and I hope that my local cinema has stocked enough red licorice."

The wife and I saw this last night in 3D.

Firstly, it was the best 3D movie I've ever seen.  And the wife, who hates 3D movies said the same... yes, we agreed.

Secondly, it was the most exciting comic book movie I've ever seen.

Thirdly, while I said in my original review I wouldn't use the word "giddy" any more, I was f**king giddy from seeing this film - even more so than the trailer.

I'm sorry but I can barely contain my enthusiasm for The Avengers.

My friend, Huss, (who also loved it) said...

"Everything wrong about Hollywood done absolutely right." 

I'm not sure about the "wrong" part but I agree about the "done absolutely right" part.

And, there was plenty of red licorice in the cinema and the need for a toothpick wasn't even a distraction...

All hail Joss Whedon.

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