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Friday 10 February 2012

Safe House

Talk about opposite leading men in this one... Denzel Washington is an Oscar winning actor who has made some great, or at the very least, interesting movies.  From the first time I saw him on screen in, A Soldier's Story, I knew he would be a big star. 

Didn't I write something recently about ageing actors wanting to be action heroes?  No need to rant about that again... here's a new rant...

Then you have Ryan Reynolds.  I've never seen him in anything that has been remotely entertaining, most often due to his acting.  Though I love comic book movies, I refused to see The Green Lantern because of him.  I hear it was shite, anyway. The only thing this guy does well is take off his shirt (props for using your looks to make a career; no shame in that).  Otherwise, from his voice to his on-screen arrogance, he must be someone important's nephew, because I don't know how or why he gets cast so often.

He's kind of like a modern version of that other shirt removing, nephew of someone - also a dud - Steve Guttenberg.  Remember him? Cocoon and the Police Academy movies?  Meh.

Regardless, the trailer for Safe House was entertaining in a big budget, action movie sort of way.   It looks like another variation of every rogue spy on the run movie, but this one combines the "buddy picture" element (you know, a mis-matched pair having to work together for the sake of survival).  Heh, the buddy element... the dog from Turner and Hooch may not be as good looking as Ryan Reynolds, but is just as good an actor.  Sorry Ryan, while I respect that you've made a successful career, I'm just not a fan.

Did the studios think that a male rogue spy movie (when was the last one? way back in 2011?) would be a refreshing change from the last two female rogue spy pictures, Colombiana and Haywire? Are the studios that organized or is the strategy simply to produce what sells and make a profit?  I ask a dumb question. I guess if it's entertaining to the public it doesn't matter.

I doubt Safe House will wow me, but it may keep me entertained as I chow down on popcorn and other overpriced cinema treats, while I stare down at my lack of abs.  And, if Ryan Reynolds can avoid being Ryan Reynolds and show more acting ability than skin, Safe House may even surprise me...

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