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Tuesday 7 February 2012


What could be worse than giving a loaded gun to an idiot and asking him not to hurt himself or anyone else?  If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely AND with great power comes great responsibility, then telekinetic power in the hands of teenagers can be both funny and terrifying.

The premise for Chronicle is that a group of teens stumble upon something - a force of some kind - that gives them super powers.  At first, it's all about childish pranks.  Scaring people, moving cars, practical jokes, removing women's clothing.  But then it becomes something more.  As limits are pushed and the realisation of the extent of the power grows, individual darker sides begin to emerge.

What I found interesting about the trailer is that it's all fun until someone dies.  Once one of them crosses the line... the right/wrong, good/evil, legal/illegal line, the rest become divided.  Some are repulsed by the ability to destroy while others are drawn to it.

Max Beerbohm said that "to destroy is still the strongest instinct in nature."

The power that the kids in Chronicle acquire is pretty spectacular.  It looks like, with a wave of a hand, they can destroy cars, buildings and, yes, people.  What would you do with such power?

Would you use it for personal gain?  Would you help others?  Would you hurt others? Would you hurt that driver that cut you off?  What would you do to the teacher that doesn't appreciate your genius and gives you a C+ on your absurdist paper on absurdist playwrights? What about that rude guy in the grocery store?  How about the mechanic who tried to rip you off?  Would you rob banks?  Would you send food to the hungry? Would you join the military so that you could help your country? Would you torture then kill all paedophiles and child molesters? 

If done well, Chronicle could be a really cool examination of the good/evil struggle.  It could also be like watching a train wreck.  Like the morbid fascination of staring at the scene of a bloody wreckage, I am interested in seeing Chronicle for the same reason.

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