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Thursday 9 February 2012

Nine Queens (Nueve reinas) 2001 - Argentina

A very close friend of mine leads a monthly movie night called "edible cinema."  Each month a different host  picks a film and a meal to go with the film.  I used to be invited monthly, but I think because I haven't yet attended, the invitations have become less frequent. 

Continuing with the "edible cinema" theme, as the film is Argentinian, so will be the food and wine.  I don't know anything about Argentinian food and the only Argentinian wine that I know and have had many glasses of is, Fuzion.  Like many of my favourite wines, it's cheap and cheerful. 

As I will likely not attend - sorry kids - my contribution is to review this film in my usual way.

Nine Queens is not a movie about nine cross-dressing female impersonators - just so you know.  From the trailer, Nine Queens is about two con artists who team up to run small time scams on a variety of marks (I think "mark" is the term for victim in con artist lingo).  They decide to go for a bigger con, one involving a collection of nine stamps, all with a queen on them (hence the title).  Well, as in all caper movies with a sense of humour, the complicated scam comes with complications.... all of which look kind of funny, though I'm not sure if this is a comedy.

The trailer kind of made me think of that Guy Ritchie movie, Snatch, which came out a year earlier.  Snatch is still one of my favourites, so if this is half as good, then it'll be entertaining.  My absolute favourite work of Guy Ritchie is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X13akB5-_kA.  It's 8:57 min. of pure comic genius - and bless Madonna for being such a great sport.

That said, Nine Queens (Nueve reinas), looks like a fun movie.  I hope I get a chance to see it.

Bueno appetit, my friends.

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