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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance

When is a comic book movie not a comic book movie?  When it stars Nicholas Cage? 

As one who loves comic book movies, even if I didn't read the comic book, it pains me to avoid seeing the films.  Case in point: The Green Lantern.  No need for me to rant again about Ryan.  It's time for another rant.  Hello, Mr. Cage.  No, I didn't see the first Ghost Rider.

Damn it, Nick!  You've made some great movies! You vs. yourself and having to take on the lone rider of the apocolypse in Raising Arizona? That was played beautifully.  Moonstruck? Even though you played the same type of doofus, you were still believable.  Leaving Las Vegas? Good one, too.  Adaptation and Matchstick Men showed that you actually had acting chops and you know what? They were good movies.   The wife loved Captain Corelli's Mandolin, which I refer to as Captain Crunch's Violin (or more appropriately, fiddle). Shit, for what it was, I enjoyed Lord of War.

Nicholas Cage is another in a long endless line of aging actors who need to be super heroes (in this case anti-heroes)... but I've done this rant already, too....

So, now that Nick has defeated the lone rider of the apocolypse, he IS the lone rider of the apocolypse in Ghost Rider.  And it only took 20 years!  In between (and after) he's made a ton of movies... many of which I just haven't seen.

The thing about Cage is that I don't know if he makes a movie or he has the clout to do whatever he wants.  Help me out here, readers, am I way off base about this guy? What do you think of Nicholas Cage?  Click on "comments" below or just email me at beerbohmtastic@gmail.com

Okay.  The trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance shows our anti-hero coming out of hiding in order to prevent the devil from taking the soul of his son... or something like that.  So, our bad guy who is good has to take on the ultimate bad guy and his minions.  And, from the look of the trailer, our bad guy who is good will defeat the devil/satan/the head dude of the underworld - or at least make a deal to save his son.  Very few, if any, can beat the devil unless of course you go down to Georgia...

Speaking of which, I'd rather listen to the Charlie Daniels Band play the Devil went down to Georgia - great song, by the way - and picture the battle in my head then have to endure 95 minutes of another shite adaptation of a comic book movie.

You've made some good ones, Nick, but I doubt this is one of them.

1 comment:

  1. I love Nicolas Cage--in the right role.

    For example, Face/Off, Con Air, The Rock, Bad Lt., etc. This Ghost Rider production, though..is B quality movie-making. I don't think it's Cage's fault.