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Friday 16 December 2011

VIEWED: I Melt With You

My recommendation for this one was...

"I Melt With You is a very bad title, given what the trailer implies about the story. While I'm not judging this movie by its title, only by its trailer, I'm strangely curious about this one. Maybe I'll catch it at the Rainbow on a Tuesday."

At home, sick in bed with the flu, I was bored and stumbled upon this film on-line, while sadly becoming bored with the old episodes of Kolchak: The Night Stalker I enjoyed in re-run form as a kid.  At the time, Kolchak must have been cutting edge and quite scary, but by today's standards it looks kind of silly.  A reporter walking around chasing monsters and aliens with a "pocket" camera and "portable" tape recorder strapped around his neck, while dragging around a "portable" typewriter.  These devices look ridiculous given the technology age we live in.  My point is that we often idealise our memories only to be disappointed when we try to re-live them.   Ironically, this is an underlying theme in I Melt With You.

My assessment of the trailer was accurate in some ways and way off in others.  I Melt With You is a much better film than Very Bad Things and I Know What You Did Last Summer.  I feel dumb for the comparison.


This film is very well acted.  I thought Rob Lowe and the fourth guy were stand outs.  Jane and Piven were very good, too.  The concept is that, as young men, they make a pact and in twenty-five years, if their lives haven't turned out the way they had hoped, then they must share an experience.  To further skew their perception, they come to the realisation, albeit too late, that their positive memories are all drug induced.

Well, each character is a failure in some way.  But who in their 40's has the life they had envisioned in their teens?  Very few, I imagine.  Though the payoff or "secret" in I melt with you is kind of extreme, I think the film will strike a chord with most men and some women over 35. 

I still don't like the title.

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