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Tuesday 27 December 2011

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

Say what you want about Tom Cruise, the guy has made some classic movies. From Risky Business to Top Gun to Magnolia to Jerry Maguire to Eyes Wide Shut (which I really liked)... I also liked Collateral, Minority Report and even The Last Samurai. 

But the role that made me laugh and say, "damn, not only can Cruise act but he isn't taking himself too seriously,"  was the producer in Tropic Thunder.  Brilliant role AND the dude can dance.

Cruise just keeps making good (rarely great) but good, entertaining movies.  There's often very cool action and, even when there isn't, this dude can act (sure, there have been a few bombs).  I hear so much anti-Tom Cruise sentiment and yet he continues to consistently deliver. Box office returns and entertainment value is a winning formula (right Lightening?).

So, does one judge him by his weird personal persona and shit that he's pulled?  Does one judge Polanski, Gibson or Allen despite their great works?  Well, yes we judge them, but does that make their work any less significant? 

Shawn of the Dead is in this one.  I watched Shawn of the Dead again on Netflix (Netflix Canada really sucks). 

The trailer for MI: 4 is really great.  A super spy action hero, should he choose to accept an "impossible" mission is charged with saving face, grace, honour, integrity and, of course, the world.  The stunts look awesome. The MI franchise continues to deliver while the Bond franchise continues to deliver cold pizza: some people still like it, but it ain't the same as hot...

Yeah, I have no doubt that this one will deliver and I have no doubt that I'll see it, hopefully soon.

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