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Friday 9 December 2011

The Sitter

I didn't see Adventures in Babysitting but I knew of it so I watched the trailer after I watched the trailer for The Sitter.  Jonah Hill is no Elisabeth Shue, but Elisabeth Shue is no Jonah Hill, either.

The differences and similarities in the movies are many.  Ms. Shue was eager to babysit.  Mr. Hill was not.  Ms. Shue was trying to do the right thing.  Mr. Hill was not.  Ms. Shue tried to be responsible and, despite the circumstances, looked out for the best interest of the kids.  Mr. Hill?  Apparently not.  Both had to look after “difficult” children.  Both had to leave the safety of the home, thus leading to “adventures.”

As well, they are two babysitters with different motives, putting themselves and the children in their charge, in potentially dangerous situations.  Shue cares.  Hill doesn't (at least in the trailer).  Do you know who else doesn't care for The Sitter? ME. 

I generally find Jonah Hill amusing, even though almost every role is basically Seth from Superbad.   Although he is likeable as the juvenile with comedic angst, the irresponsible slacker babysitter acting a jerk for laughs in this movie deserves a serious beat down. 

WTF time in film making are we living in where comedy has to be so mean-spirited?  Like those idiots (referring to the writers of) Harold and Kumar shoot Santa in the face and it's called comedy? What does that say about us?  And so what if asshead babysitter does good in the end?  So what if he learns a lesson?  Will we remember the lesson or will we continue to accept and then perpetuate the mean-spirited comedy? 

It's too bad, because even though I haven't seen Moneyball, yet, Hill looked really good in a relatively serious supporting role.  No doubt he has talent, but if he doesn't take on more roles like Moneyball, his shtick will become very tired.  And, yes, he's not Elisabeth Shue.

I will never see The Sitter, but I will look for Adventures in Babysitting.


  1. After a rant like that, I trust you will never see the movie "Super" with Rain Wilson.

  2. Haven't heard of Super, so thanks for the head's up. I'll review it next.