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Tuesday 6 December 2011

I Melt With You

Because I didn't watch chick flicks back in the day, I didn't know who Tom Jane was.  Then, by total fluke, I saw a film called Stander, based on the true story of an early 70's South African cop, turned bank robber.  The film was so well-acted and compelling that I thought Tom Jane was South African - his accent was that good.  Imagine my amusement when I read that he is from St. Louis.  Needless to say, with my new found respect for him, I loved The Punisher. 

I've seen Jeremy Piven in a few movies, though I didn't see the Cling-on’s or Hanger's On or whatever his TV show was called - people tell me it was good.  In the movies I've seen him in he's an excellent supporting character.  Rob Lowe is such an odd ball. I am always amused when I see him in a movie.  I don't know who the other guy is. 

I Melt With You is the story of four lifelong friends who have been getting together once a year for many years.  They look to be in their 40's now, but they still party like teenagers when they get together.  And, SURPRISE! Either something bad has happened in the past and they share the secret or something just happened and they make a pact to share the secret... that's the billed “thriller” part of it. 

This 2:03 trailer should have ended around the 1:40 mark.  After 1:40, it shows sirens, people running and close-ups of the four main character's sad faces and it ends with Tom Jane's wife asking what happened to his friends.  So, is the trailer implying that he has to kill them all to keep the secret?  Why give away so much?  The teaser part was actually interesting.  Now, all I can think of is: Very Bad Things meets I know What You Did Last Summer. 

Wasn't Jeremy Piven in Very Bad Things?  It's a Jon Favreau film about a bunch of family men, buddies that, on the eve of one of their weddings, go to Vegas, pick up a hooker and accidentally kill her.  Everything falls apart from there.  Very Bad Things was a very bad movie. 

I Melt With You is a very bad title, given what the trailer implies about the story.  While I'm not judging this movie by its title, only by its trailer, I'm strangely curious about this one.

Maybe I'll catch it at the Rainbow on a Tuesday.


  1. It's called I Melt With You because these guys meet once a year to sit around and eat fondu.

  2. heh, fondu.