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Tuesday 9 February 2016


Oscar Best Picture Nominee #3: Brooklyn

When I looked up the trailer for Brooklyn and saw that the run time was 1:51, I smiled. Good length for a trailer. When I watched the trailer for Brooklyn all I could think of was that the wife would probably like this film.

Would you call the 50's a period?  If you did, would this be considered a period piece? Is this a chick flick, period?  Is this just a good trailer, period? I don't know, period.  I hope the wife isn't on her period when she reads this...

The trailer for Brooklyn captures the period very well. It's almost like the film stock is thicker, the colours richer, the sets, the sights, the streets very true to the period.  I found myself looking more at the background than listening to the story.  The background details were impressive.  Then something caught my attention and I tried to focus on the dialogue in the trailer and I heard myself saying, "huh?"

The trailer for Brooklyn tells a simple story of a young girl who journeys to America, meets a boy and then has to go back to Ireland, meets another boy then must decide on which boy to stay with. That's kind of the gist of it and what I was able to pick up between listening and looking at the sets and scenery.  Sometimes I'll watch a trailer a few times.  I tried to watch this trailer again but the same thing happened.

I got the feeling that this film will win an Oscar for something. Maybe set design? I also know that the wife will want to see it.  I've heard that Brooklyn is a great film (Oscar worthy...duh!), but the trailer didn't appeal to any of my emotions.

As the wife sometimes says to me when I tell her she's hurt my feelings, "honey, you don't have any feelings."

'Nuff said. Period.

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