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Friday 19 February 2016


Oscar Best Picture Nominee #7: Room

It isn't often that the emotion the wife says I don't have is tugged upon.  Yet I found myself being taken from the very beginning of the trailer for Room.  

A mother and young child are prisoners in a small room.  The small room is the only world the child knows in his first five years of life, and other than what information they get from a small television, The mother plans an escape for the child, tells the child what to do and the child escapes.  The kidnapper/captor is arrested.  While the child is in awe of the sights and sounds of the outside world the mother is suffering from what appears to be guilt or depression or PTSD.  Post escape, something happens to the mother and we see her in hospital. She recovers and they adjust to life outside of the room...

The trailer was more like an executive summary - you know highlight everything without any serious detail - but with a high level of emotion.  Talk about tugging at the heart strings.  The injustice, the sadness, the tension, the escape, the adjustment, the setback and the human spirit prevailing. I was truly moved.  And this coming from a comic book movie nerd...

Wait a minute! I was so drawn in by the story that I didn't realise the trailer gave away the entire story. I can't think of another trailer that evoked so much emotion while giving away so much of the story. So, does this make the trailer for Room a good trailer for what it projects or a bad trailer for what it gives away?  For the first time as Beerbohmtastic, I'm at a loss for words.

Now I want to see the film...

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