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Friday 29 January 2016

INDICTMENT - A new Seraph Films Project

Written by Jhan Harp and Rob Stith
Directed by Gene Blalock

"A jailed, amnesiac African American suffers brutality at the hands of a vicious, prejudiced police officer. The tables turn when he learns the truth of his recent near-death experience in a twist of fate that the narrow-minded cop never saw coming."

Independent film continues to drive content, creativity and emotion while serving as a constant reminder that there is much more great content out there than our local cinemas have access to. 

Seek out independent film! Find it, consume it & be inspired!

Beerbohmtastic continues to support Independent film, now that I'm reviewing again (apologies to those I've missed during my parenting hiatus), so send me your trailers and I'll do my best to review them!

I will review the trailer for Indictment when it becomes available.  More info available here: 

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