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Tuesday 26 January 2016

Bridge of Spies

Oscar Best Picture Nominee #2: Bridge of Spies

I made the wrong choice, twice.

I chose to watch the 2:33 trailer rather than the 1:44 trailer.  I chose to review the 2:33 trailer rather than the 1:44 trailer. And while I know it's a winning combination of "true story," Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, I also pretty much know what is going to happen (at least I think I do) based on the winning combination and a trailer that gives away too much.

Following another trailer length rant (my rants have become mumbles so I don't wake up the kids) the wife asked me why I didn't just ignore the longer trailer and review the shorter one.  "Haven't you done that before?"

"Yes, I have in the past but right now I don't want to."  I responded.

The wife gave me one of her very cute smirks and informed me that Bridge of Spies is the next film she wants us to see.  Now that I've seen Pacific Rim, I will concede.

The trailer for Bridge of Spies tells us this:
- American pilot on spy mission caught by Russians
- Russian spy caught by Americans
- American family man, insurance lawyer asked to defend Russian spy
- American family man lawyer criticised for defending spy and puts family at risk
- American lawyer seems to be involved in prisoner exchange
- American lawyer goes to what looks like post Berlin wall Germany for prisoner exchange      
- Final scene of trailer shows American lawyer on bridge of spies waiting to make exchange

So, based on the trailer and the winning combination, it will have a favourable outcome. It's Spielberg so it'll be a great story.  It's Hanks so it'll be well-acted. I'm sure there are other sub-plots that the trailer didn't fully expose but the gist of it, I believe, is a complex story, told well and ending with a satisfied audience.

I'll see Bridge of Spies because it's nominated for an Oscar and the above-mentioned winning combination but not for the mediocre trailer that has left almost nothing to the imagination.


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