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Tuesday 4 December 2012


My trailer review for Skyfall said...

"As much as I dislike the current Bond franchise, I liked this trailer.  It reminded me of the old franchise... or maybe it was just the music... ding diddle ling ding, ding ding ding, ding diddle ling ding.... Yes, I'll see it."

Saw it tonight with the wife.

She asked me what I thought, I said that we should have ice cream when we get home.

She smacked my arm and asked what I thought of the movie.

The beginning was fun and very true to the Bond franchise.  The rest was hit and miss with some cliches that should never be in a Bond film.  Once heroic gunslinger gets his head out of the bottle, battles his demons and dons the sheriff's badge and takes on the outlaws... it really didn't work and almost seemed like story filler.  Bond is too cool to be human and show emotion and vulnerability.

Craig is a good Bond.  He's just not getting much to work with.

Otherwise, it was entertaining enough and certainly better than the last two but it still fell a bit short for me.  The music was cool and the old Aston Martin was stunning. Maybe my expectations were too high.  And the introduction of Moneypenny was pointless, almost like an afterthought. 50 years in and Moneypenny's agent origins are told? Flash of brilliance.

The wife liked the human side of Bond.  "Of course you do, honey." I said.

I asked her what she thought of Skyfall.  She said, "if movies were an Olympic event and the competitors for espionage/spy films were, the Bond franchise, the Bourne franchise, the Mission Impossible franchise and the Spykids franchise,  Bond would get the bronze, Mission Impossible would get the silver and Bourne would get the gold.  Spykids would get a DNF (did not finish).

Please note: The views of the wife do not necessarily reflect the views of Beerbohmtastic.

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