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Friday 28 December 2012

This is 40

The wife wants to see this movie tomorrow night so I must review the trailer, now.

This is 40 is billed as the sort of sequel to Knocked Up - which she took me to see when it came out.

I guess sort of sequel means it's the supporting couple from Knocked Up (Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann) playing the lead in the sequel.  They were the semi-functional couple who had their problems but worked hard to work them out because they have kids.  Gee, that applies to, I don't know.... EVERY COUPLE!

Knocked Up was kind of cute in a pro-life, fairy tale, delusional sort of way.  You know, you have the one-night stand and the woman gets pregnant and you choose to spend the rest of your lives together.  I guess (guys) if you're dumb enough to let that happen then you should have to man-up and take responsibility.   I've lived it.  I know.

The problem with Knocked Up is that there was nothing realistic about the two leads who make the choice to stay together after the one-night stand.  Don't get me wrong, it's a nice message, and would be great if people did take responsibility for bringing unexpected (and sadly, unwanted) children into this world.

So the realistic couple, the supporting couple from Knocked Up, gets their own movie.  It's a movie about a committed relationship with children and its' problems.

The only thing I thought of when I watched the trailer was: cry me a f**king river you assholes.  You  are two selfish people who are trying to make a relationship work in an upper middle class household where you don't have to worry about poverty, hunger, abuse, addiction, mental health etc...

Oh wait.  Maybe this is supposed to be a film for normal people.  Regular working families who have their struggles and work to overcome them for the sake of the family unit.  Maybe this is supposed to be an inspiration to we who have accepted our lives and try to create a better environment for our families.  You know, the regular folks who aren't the vain, shallow, ignorant, arrogant, completely delusional twits from reality TV.  You know, full of self-importance and no talent.  Or is that just what they think of the rest of us?

I guess the wife chose to see this for a reason.... Yeah, I'm pretty dumb sometimes.

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