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Thursday 20 December 2012

The 9th (full trailer)

When I reviewed the teaser trailer for The 9th I said:

Watching the less than 1 minute teaser felt like sitting in the window seat of a slow moving train through an urban setting, peeping through the windows of a posh apartment building.

The teaser trailer was like a very cool puzzle.  There was a randomness to it.  While each scene obviously had relevance, the scenes seemed to be in no particular order.  For the teaser, it really worked because it was like an abstract puzzle and, despite being a short teaser, the cool images formed an idea of what the film was about. 

The full trailer, which maintained the cool visual spirit of the teaser, was much more conventional, in a good way.  While some of the images from the teaser remained (which I really liked), there seemed to be a logical progression.

The 9th seems to be about a fancy cocktail party where surface beauty masks an inner ugliness.  The common spaces are filled with small talk and modern civilities while darker, more base actions and instincts happen behind closed doors.

It made me think of Alfred Hitchcock's, Rope, for some reason.  A brilliant film shot in one setting where Ivy League "boys" murder a friend, put his body in a sort of credenza, and host a dinner party with the buffet placed on the cabinet housing the corpse. 

While The 9th seems like a more visually complex story, with all due respect to Rope, it also had a sort of Agatha Christie whodunit feel... but perhaps more appropriately...whydunit...

A few seconds after the full trailer for The 9th ended, it struck me that it may be - whether intentionally or not - an interesting metaphor for western society: behind the beauty of ourselves and our possessions we sometimes hide a darker self.  Some, like the guests on The 9th, may take that darkness to a deeper level.

I really want to see this film.

See for yourself: http://vimeo.com/55691649

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