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Monday 3 June 2013

VIEWED: Hitchcock

My trailer review for Hitchcock said...

"The trailer for Hitchcock brought back the admiration that I had for the great director who, by the way, always had a very brief cameo in almost all of his films.  I found myself smiling at the story, interested by the controversy of the film, Psycho, and ultimately, very eager to see this film.

Throw in the lovely and talented Helen Mirren, the lovely and slightly less talented Scarlett Johansson and the just as talented as Helen Mirren, but not as lovely as Scarlett Johansson, Toni Collette and you've got a great supporting female cast. Added bonus, really."

What fantastic supporting roles by the above-mentioned women.  Is there any role that Helen Mirren can't play?  She is truly remarkable.  Scarlett Johansson gave a spunky and sincere performance as Janet Leigh and while she didn't look like Janet, I believe she captured her spirit.  Toni Collette gives a beautiful, hilarious  and brilliantly understated performance as Peggy, Hitchcock's assistant.

While Hopkins' didn't always look like Hitchcock, he captured the dry, subtleties of the Master's personality that his fans enjoy.

I know that the film didn't get great reviews but I believe that it told the story of Hitchcock's struggles, both personally and professionally during the making of, Psycho - arguably one of the most ground breaking films of the 20th Century.

That said, from the opening sequence to the closing credits, this film captured my imagination.  I am a fan of Hitchcock.  I recently watched Rear Window and had a wonderful discussion with a friend about the lesser known classic, groundbreaking classic, Rope.

I don't care what real critics have said, I really enjoyed this biopic.

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