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Monday 24 June 2013

The Travel Virgin

A good friend who has been quoted many times on this blog is putting together a pilot.

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When was the last time you had a first time?

Our friend, Christian " Boots" Elizalde hasn't had it easy so far. Yes, everyone has troubles and we won't bore you with a reality show moment sob story. Suffice it to say that his circumstances and surroundings were never in his favor. First and foremost though, he is a survivor and rises each time he falls, remaining positive no matter what the adversity. 
And, respect to him,  he never ends his quest for knowledge. He, like most people, gets most of that knowledge online. His particular research passion is the "Ancient Astronaut" theory, knowing virtually everything there is to know about the mysterious places around the world that figure into it. If you hear him talk about the subject, you get the sense that you're speaking to a worldly, albeit on the fringes, man of interest.
That is why we were shocked and baffled to learn that Boots, for all his knowledge and compellingly weird theories,  had never even been on a plane. 
After several redundant rounds of "Really? Never?", we realized that we were presented with a singular opportunity; to document an actual, completely virgin, first journey. Rarely do you have the chance to watch a grown man's whole life change right in front of you and see the world from this most unique view.

The Plan:

This is designed as a pilot for an ongoing travel/adventure show. Although he won't technically be a “virgin” after the first trip, Boots has never been anywhere so anywhere we go will be fresh and new to him. We're confident that after people see him in the pilot, they will want to continue following him. If, on the slim chance that we are wrong, and the networks and distributors we are meeting with like the idea but don't want to see Boots each time, the model of “The Travel Virgin” remains the same and we accept video submissions of people like Boots, taking them out in the world for the first time.

The Goal:

Aside from the usual financial and commercial benefits, our goal is simple; if we entertain you, you may entertain the idea of doing something you've never done before.

The Trip:

Taking into consideration Boots' keen interest in “Ancient Astronauts”, we chose the geographic heart of that theory, Peru. To go from Los Angeles to Lima is a bit of an adjustment for some of the most seasoned travelers, so in Boots' case, it should be a fairly epic eye opening. From Lima we'll be traveling to some well known sites like Machu Pichu but we will also be taking in the lesser known but equally fascinating places like Amaru Muru and Markuwasi. Because this trip is about changing perspectives, we will be doing family stays, camping out and traveling in a most un-luxrious manner so we can see all sides of Peru. Furthering that, we'll also be devoting time to doing local volunteer work. (We will update on the specific organizations when we have details) 

The Bastards Doing This:

David “Nino” Rodriguez- The Chaperone

Because every virgin needs some protection, we procured an undefeated heavyweight boxer and UFO aficionado. “Nino” is from El Paso and currently ranked 12th in the world by the WBC. When we told him the plan and the destination, he immediately agreed to “chaperone” Boots on his first time. Outside the ring, David has participated in paranormal investigations in the US and abroad with the focus mainly on UFOs. David's infectious zest for life will act as both security blanket and cattle prod on Boots' journey.

Matt Paolasso-The Point Man

Born and raised in the beauty of SoCal, Matt embodies the essence of his home state. He acts, he surfs, he builds sets...Most recently, Matt received critical success with the black comedy “Johnny, Pam, Ronny and Sam”. An accomplished bassist, guitarist and singer, Matt can often be found in local LA music venues as the "only" guy to stand in for an absent musician. A co-conspirator on this project, Matt's almost dangerous willingness to get the right shot is only overshadowed by his rabid curiosity to see what happens when Boots finally leaves his comfort zone. 

Huss- The Ringleader

The tactician and inmate running the asylum, he is most anxious and mischievously delighted to be the lead “scientist” in this social experiment. Huss is a writer originally from Toronto and no, he hasn't written anything you've heard of as he spent most of the past fifteen years as a script doctor. Done feeling like a whore, Huss decided to work on original projects, or in layman's terms starve, penning three original TV pilots and four feature scripts that are currently under furious procrastination by his agent.

But its still funny...

Make no mistake that we aim to entertain. The battle between willingness and stark terror is sure fire amusement, especially when its not you. And have no doubt that we will be taking our dear friend Boots on an adventure that we are hoping will include his temporary, fear based incontinence. 
But for whatever hilarity and hijinks may ensue, the Travel Virgin is about perspective.
Can you really know a place you've never been? Can you really understand a culture you've never experienced? And, the most important question, how will it change you?
Give yourself the opportunity of supporting an honest, hilarious, mystical and first ever journey into the world.
When you've never been anywhere, everywhere is an adventure.

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