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Wednesday 4 January 2012

VIEWED: Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

My recommendation for this one was...

"The MI franchise continues to deliver while the Bond franchise continues to deliver cold pizza: some people still like it, but it ain't the same as hot...Yeah, I have no doubt that this one will deliver and I have no doubt that I'll see it, hopefully soon."

Yes, this one delivered.  Great stunts and great action with a true old school Bond-type story.  Madman tries to destroy the world... classic! The MI franchise is so much better than what the Bond franchise has become. 


  1. How can the MI franchise be considered better than Bond? I can't even remember the plot of any MI movie a few weeks after viewing it? Entertaining-sure, memorable...not so much.

    1. I was a huge fan, still am of the old Bond movies. This post is making reference to the recent Bond, the Daniel Craig Bond films. While I don't mind Craig, the stories (even the remakes) are dull. Quantum of Solace is possibly the worst Bond film ever made... and I didn't even see the trailer.

      Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

    2. Oh yeah, and the MI plots, much like the Bond plots are the same. One highly trained operative struggles against all odds to save the world from an evil genius. Kind of like the Austin Powers franchise.... Just sayin'.