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Tuesday 8 November 2011


I liked it when it was called, Clash of the Titans, but only the remake because I didn't see the original.  Speaking of original, what is original about this film?  A step further: what is interesting, entertaining, intelligent, relevent about this film?

I guess the only only logical answer is: Mickey Rourke.  He has gone from the handsome, slightly bad boy of great films like Diner, Pope of Greenwich Village and Angel Heart, to a brilliant rendition of Charles Bukowski in Barfly.... fast forward to the monster in Sin City and then The Wrestler.  I know he's made tons more movies but I just haven't seen them all to comment.  I was completely blown away when I saw Sin City and realized, "holy crap, that's Mickey Rourke!"   I was also blown away by the tragedy of Shakespearean (f**k-off Anonymous) proportions of the Wrestler. 

Whatever happend to him (and we don't have to come out and say it...), there are two Mickey Rourkes - then and now.  Then was charming and, frankly a good actor.  Now is an aging action anti-hero.  His metamorphisis was almost Kafka-esque.  His transformation, almost frightening.  Yet, he still has the acting chops.

I really didn't care for this trailer, it just seemed to, as Rourke says as Bukowski in Barfly, "ooze obviousness..." 

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