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Wednesday 9 November 2011

Big Night (1996)

This month my friends who participate in "Edible Cinema" have chosen to view Big Night (1996). They will be cooking Italian food and drinking Italian wine. I don't know much about wine, but if I attend I'll bring a bottle of one of my favourites, Farnese Sangiovese. It's less than 8 bucks a bottle but tastes like a $12 bottle with food. You can get a big bottle for $13.  Cheap and cheerful.

I've never heard of Big Night. I like to say (in a pompous British accent), "how can it be famous if I've never heard of it?"  I enjoyed another lesser known Stanley Tucci film that was released a few years after this one called The Imposters, which starred other favourites Oliver Platt and Alfred Molina.

So, according to the trailer for Big Night, it's about two brothers who own a too authentic Italian restaurant. I like this Edible Cinema theme and I liked the trailer for Big Night.  The film looks like a fun, dialogue driven story of food, family, and the frustration of restaurateurs struggling to provide authentic Italian food to customers who just want spaghetti and meat balls. 

I know for a fact that Ron will prepare an authentic, delicious meal and choose perfect wines that would easily grace the menu of any good restaurant - even the one in this film.  Sounds like a perfect evening.

Boun Appetito, my friends.

P.S. If I host an Edible Cinema evening, I'd screen Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and have people guess what's for dinner. If they guess wrong, they don't eat.... but that's why I haven't hosted, yet.

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