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Monday 29 July 2013

VIEWED: Trance

My trailer review for Trance said,

"The acting and dialogue were believable and the whole package sucked me in... The trailer should have ended here and I would have been interested in seeing this film... Then they throw in a love triangle, explosions and the blatantly obvious double cross.  The trailer pretty much tells you that, after the dust settles, Dawson and McAvoy end up running off with the treasure, or were in cahoots and then they outsmart Cassel....

I know I could be wrong, I often am.  But, if I can take all this from a 2+ minute trailer, then I don't need to see this film, I don't need to waste the cost of admission or 2 hours of my life or even talk about Trance again.  The End."

Man, was I wrong about the relationships.  Very wrong...

Never mind that, the wife rented it because she likes James McAvoy and knows how much I dislike Vincent Cassel. She failed to realize that we both like Rosario Dawson.

By the way, Rosario Dawson drops the laundry in this one, so the wife was disappointed when Cassel and McAvoy didn't fully drop the laundry, too.  Double standard, I guess.

The concept was interesting enough, but the secrets and "pay-off" were a bit too contrived.  It kind of sucks to be manipulated into liking a character only to discover that.... (oops, I guess this would be a spoiler).  But what I can say is that stories that throw in random added ingredients to give needed substance to the cake disappoint me because sometimes the filler isn't filling

Trance was a slick, heavily frosted thriller that had some decent twists but as a whole, it was a little under cooked for my taste.

Geez, lots of food metaphors here, it must be close to feeding time. Do they say don't review when you're hungry or is it don't shop when you're hungry?

I wonder if there's any cake in the fridge...

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