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Saturday 16 June 2012

VIEWED: Snow White and the Huntsman

After posting this review several times since November, and honestly thinking it had been re-released several times, we finally saw it.

My original recommendation for this one was...

"While I trust Snow White and the Huntsman will stick to its fairy tale roots and have the happy ending, I like the dark medieval feel and am curious as to how it will play out. The trailer kind of reminded me of Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings. While I doubt Snow White will be as epic, I get the sense that it'll be an entertaining spin. I think I'll see this one on the big screen."

It did stick to it's fairy tale roots.  Though the seven dwarfs didn't appear in the trailer I reviewed, it was nice to see them appear in the film.  They were tougher than the Disney dwarfs.

Chris Hemsworth was very good. Is it just me or is he kind of like a buff Heath Ledger?  Regardless, he showed some good acting chops and clearly demonstrated that he's a multi-dimentional actor.

For that matter, all the actors played their roles well and there were no weak links at all.  I didn't think of Rita once (please see my trailer review for reference) because Charlize played the evil queen very well.

The enchanted forest was very Disney-esque and I thought the dwarfs would break out into song.  They didn't and the film got dark again. 

While the film was mildly entertaining, at least 20 minutes of it could have been left on the editing room floor.  And, dark though it was, it was a hollow sort of dark.  Kind of like a vampire with no teeth.

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