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Tuesday 18 October 2011

Margin Call

I recently watched Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.  Gordon Gekko predicts the decline of Wall Street before taking advantage of his position, state and family for his own personal gain.  Greed never sleeps.

So, in Margin Call, with its great cast (and the Voice of Scar as Jeremy Irons is the perfect villain), are we exposed to the 12 hour period before the Wall Street crash?  This appears to be the story of the events that led to the beginning of the end of America's economic power.

It's nice to get a bit of history and context, visually and in less than 2 hours.  I guess my question is: Do we need movies that show us where we went wrong or could we instead use the hundreds of millions of dollars to try and fix the problem? Nah, short term profit for the 1% is better. Greed never sleeps.

I often wonder if making a film about a crisis, and so recent, somehow trivializes it.  And, how timely this one is with the Occupy Wall Street movement gaining momentum?  Is this a coincidence, will it add fuel to the fire or is it meant to trivialize the movement? Will the 1% care as much as the 99%?  The 99% are the ones who will likely pay to see this one... wow, what irony.

I never do this, but the links below are to some very interesting perspectives on all of this.


Wait a minute.  This blog isn't supposed to be serious.  I'm not supposed to be serious.  I review trailers not make social commentary on issues beyond my comprehension.  I cater to an A.D.H.D., short attention spanned, borderline slacker audience.... namely, me.

I want to see Margin Call so's I kin gets me an edumacation on this here stuff.

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