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Wednesday 8 May 2013

Way Down in Chinatown

Thank you to Maria Olsen for inviting me to review this film, pre-release.

I've never really reviewed a film on this blog without reviewing the trailer, first. But I've never been asked to review a film prior to its release before.


What if you were part of a race or species that were on the verge of an apocalypse and there was nothing you could do? Would you panic? Would you run and hide? Not knowing exactly when the end would come would you spend every unknowing moment with loved ones? Would you do, or continue to do, what you loved?

If you were part of a race or species that were observing another race or species' slow demise, what would you do? Would you stand back and watch them destroy themselves? Would you try to help prevent their demise or destruction? What if you didn't have the power? Would you try to save a few? Who would you save?

Way Down in Chinatown examines both sides.

There is a couple, a play write and his manager/partner/wife who continue to live their lives against the backdrop of an impending apocalypse. So immersed in their work that when we meet them they are in the process of casting for their newest play, Apocalypse Tomorrow (I think). Talk about drawing inspiration from a bleak situation...

There are underground dwellers in Way Down in Chinatown. They are a sort worm people. They are aware of the apocalypse but do not have the power to stop it. So, in order to ensure that they have entertainment before the apocalypse kills everyone on the surface, they select "exceptional" people to lure - with no pretence of saving them - underground.

Way Down in Chinatown was interesting to watch and conceptually pretty cool. When it ended it took me a while to process it. I let it sit and digest for four days before writing this review.  I'm glad I did because as I reflect on it, there was a depth to it that I didn't quite grasp when I viewed it and it posed questions that were difficult to answer.

Watch it and see for yourself...

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