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Thursday 30 May 2013

VIEWED: The Three Stooges

My trailer review for The Three Stooges said...

"I rarely review a trailer that has so much going on and yet leaves me so empty.  There must be a reason for it...  You know what? I need to see this movie just to see if it's the trailer that sucks or just me..."

The wife and I watched this the other night on Netflix.

You know what? It was the trailer that sucked, not me. Although I do get the odd email that simply says, "you suck."

The Farelly Brothers version of The Three Stooges did try to capture the spirit of the original series and, while it was brilliant watching the people from Jersey Shore get smacked around by Moe, it wasn't real and so, only mildly amusing.

When it ended I felt just as empty as I did after the trailer. The wife just looked at me and said, "let's fold laundry."

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