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Monday 1 April 2013

VIEWED: Seven Psychopaths

My trailer review for this one said...

"I just hope that all the funny scenes aren't wasted in the trailer. Yet, the warning on CinemaClock stated: Extreme violence, gory scenes, nudity, sexual content. So, actor's commentary isn't necessary to suck you in because the trailer sucks you in; but with the comedy. Then the film (I trust) will punch you in the face with shocking and graphic violence.  That could work. I'm sold.  Good trailer."

I was right - even though it was obvious.  The comedy and somewhat absurdity of the film suck you in and yes, the violence at first is like a punch to the stomach.  After a while though, I wasn't sure if the pain was from getting punched or from laughing.  It was very funny.

The real plot, identifying the seven psychopaths for a book that budding writer, Colin F, is working on, is juxtaposed with the main sub-plot and involvement with one psychopath, Woody H., and his quest to retrieve his kidnapped dog.  A shih-tzu... big man with a little dog.  I laughed everytime Woody pined for Bonny...

Two thirds of the way through, the story becomes driven by the idea for Colin's novel.  His buddies, Christopher W., and Sam R. are also psychopaths.  This is where the story gets a little dry. 

However,  Sam Rockwell is so perfectly cast in everything he does, it's amazing.  Christopher Walken is simply brilliant.  Woody, in my mind, is still the best zombie killer ever.  And, Colin is pretty damn good and even better in his natural accent.

Seven Psychopaths was pretty much what I thought it would be from the trailer:  very funny with too much unexpected violence.  That's okay, because the comedy made the violence more palatable...  I'm not becoming de-sensitized, am I?

Either way, glad I saw it.

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  1. Sam Rockwell was like a Dexter who can actually connect with people.