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Tuesday 2 April 2013

914 Dunne (Teaser)

The first "trailer" for 914 Dunne was a first, of sorts, for me.  It exposed me to the world of "crowd funding" for film.  With my focus on the blog and watching movie trailers, as well as being a productive member of society and devoted family man (the wife told me to write that part), I just hadn't been exposed to the concept.  It's very cool.

914 Dunne was also a tipping point for Beerbohmtastic as independent film makers began sending me their works; trailers in various stages of development and I reviewed them.  This also resulted in great traffic to the blog and my Twitter followers jumped from about 40 to about 700 in less than a month.  914 Dunne, and film maker, Ryan Robins, thank you...

The new teaser trailer for 914 Dunne arrived at an interesting time. I viewed it after viewing Django Unchained and Seven Psychopaths; two movies that entertained me immensely, but left me asking the same question...

Is gratuitous violence or disturbing subject matter more palatable when presented with humour?  Maybe.  But does that make it acceptable?

In 914 Dunne, two bumbling criminals are looking for a $200,000 payday, which happens to be held in someones home safe.  Being unsure which house the safe is in, and being less than criminal masterminds they embark on a series of home invasions - until they get to 914 Dunne.

The bumbling criminals seem to interrupt the daily lives of people on a nice street, kind of like door-to-door salesman... only door-to-door home invasions.  Home invasions are pretty serious and often really violent.  I didn't get the sense from the trailer that 914 Dunne is gratuitously violent.  There is too much comedic banter between the criminals, both spoken and not.

The teaser trailer was only 34 seconds long, but I found it amusing.  Amusing enough to want to see 914 Dunne when it's completed.

Watch the teaser here...

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