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Tuesday 30 April 2013

Pain and Gain

Who doesn't like Dwayne Johnson?  Seriously, he's a badass with great comedic timing. Wahlberg has done some good things, but as the post-traumatic-stress disorder fire-fighter who prefers to ride a bicycle in, I Heart Huckabees, he was at his best.

The trailer says that Pain and Gain is a true story. It's directed by Michael Bay which will mean an explosion and at least one car chase.  I like explosions and car chases.

The trailer also shows that Wahlberg, Dwayne and their sidekick plan a heist on a rich guy, played by Tony Shaloub (another one with brilliant comedic timing).  The trailer opens with Wahlberg getting chased by police. Then goes into planning the crime, committing the crime, almost killing the mark (Shaloub) by running over his face with a van, getting away with it, temporarily, and then Ed Harris foils the crime and the boys go to jail.  I'm guessing the last part because it's a true story and we know that they go to jail.

So, how does one create a trailer that teases without giving away the story when we know the story (well if we google it) because it's true?

Not like this.

Last year I dropped the Worst Spoiler Trailer category from the Annual Beerbohm Awards, but in the last month I have enough nominees to reinstate the prize.  It's annoying.

While I like the cast, I've already seen this film via the trailer.


  1. I have to take another position--but only because I read the short story about this crime about 5 years ago. Michael Bay has been promising to do this movie for years and finally he did.

    If its anything like the article--and I recommed all read this--then the movie will be awesome.

    My concern is the casting. When I read the article, I don't see Johnson and Walberg as the dudes.

    By the way, this story has some serious twists and awesome goodies.


  2. Thanks for the comment and the link. After reading the story, I can honestly say that the film missed the mark in many areas. And, where I really struggle, is that the film tried to be somewhat sympathetic to these three mean-spirited, criminals and I'm sure some people even identified. Michael Bay was way too kind in his depiction of them.

    My two cents.