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Tuesday 16 April 2013

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a new film by Scream Queen Jessica Cameron.

I recently viewed the 55 second teaser trailer - thanks for sending the link.

“Truth or Dare, is about 6 college kids who find Internet stardom when they make 'Truth or Dare' videos with a violent twist. It is all fun and games until their number one fan decides he wants to play..." 

The teaser shows Jessica Cameron, bloodied and gagged with an off-screen voice - her captor - telling her... "...you can't have a game without rules and you have to follow the rules in order for the game to work... now what's it going to be, truth or dare?"

After reading the synopsis and then watching the trailer, one classic Cronenberg movie jumped out at me like the Alien bursting out of John Hurt's chest... Videodrome.  Yeah, the title is so 80's but it was basically a reality/fantasy/sex blur mindf**k involving a pirate cable TV broadcast of torture and murder. Back in the day they called it a snuff film. 

"Television is the retina of the mind's eye..." is a famous quote from the film.  I like the quote because I believe it's saying that art doesn't imitate life any more, life imitates art. Just look at reality TV...  wouldn't it be great to see a movie where a serial killer has decided that he will rid the world of reality TV by.... No, no, no... I digress.

In the case of Truth or Dare, maybe it's "youtube is the reality of a desensitised generation..."  or maybe it's, "it's all fun and games until someone loses a limb..."  What do I know?

What I do know is that in the last six months on this blog, I have been exposed to the beauty, creativity and vision of independent film.  There is a vibrant community taking risks and working hard to make an impact on an industry that is both brilliant and stupid, sometimes in the same breath.  But the independents are making an impact and it's awesome for everyone.

The teaser for Truth or Dare is just that, a teaser. It gives a small glimpse of the potential for this story. A story, I'm guessing, where lines are crossed and blurred.  Everybody wants to be a star.  Youtube is a likely delivery method. When there are no rules there is nothing to bend - only pushing boundaries until something breaks. It seems like more than bones will be broken in Truth or Dare, likely spirits, too.

Check out the teaser and decide for yourself... 


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