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Monday 11 March 2013

The Crew

The Crew is an independent film by Marco Clay.

I think if I had reviewed this trailer prior to the selections for the 2nd Annual Beerbohm Awards for Movie Trailers, The Crew would have won for best music - if there was a category for best music in a trailer, this year.  The soundtrack is awesome.

A few things stand-out in the trailer for The Crew.  It looks professional, the acting is very good, the scenes flow well and the package is entertaining.  While the story is typical for the genre, the genre is filled with similarities - I guess that's why they call it a genre... yeah, I'm not so bright.

The Crew is about four teenagers who get involved in a caper/heist of sorts and, while they are a "gang" and try to talk the talk they don't seem to intimidate anyone as they try to walk the walk.  Tons of comedic potential here.  Comedic potential that is not lost in the trailer.  They have a meeting in a playground while one "gang" member is playing on the swings.  They acquire a getaway car, but it's a convertible VW Beetle.  Brilliant.

Naturally, things go wrong for the lads and it looks like all kinds of muscle wants to hurt them. One of the lads is Marco Clay, the 18 year old film maker behind The Crew.

My only criticism is that the trailer was too long.  There were great elements.  Enough was shown to make this film seem both interesting and entertaining.  The last 30 seconds, or so, of the trailer introduced elements that didn't need to be introduced in the trailer.  They just seemed a bit random... the brother, the girl, given how the previous 2 minutes generated interest and amusement.

There was nothing in the trailer that indicated an 18 year old (with all due respect) kid made this film.  It not only looked professional, it looked like a film worth watching.

Well done, Marco, where can I see it?

Check out the trailer for yourself at...

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